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Gegharkunik Province
Lake Sevan Stone Home, Armenia with huge 2,280 sqm land. Stunning stone home close to the shores to the lake with scenic hillside background! Prime vantage point near the shores of Lake Sevan! Yes, Sevan the second biggest lake in the world relative to altitude! You know, Kingdom of Ararat? The Bible? Jason's Argonauts? The golden fleece? OK... you must have heard of Noah!? Well, he was the first expat in the region, sailing right past here in his arc!! From the 5,000m high (dormant) volcano of Ararat to the shores of the very lake opposite your garden; Armenia is now wide open to investors from all over the world. Any nationality can own freehold property here. Located in Draxtik, the property is built from stone and includes 1,600 sqm of flat fertile land surrounding the property. The setting is absolutely stunning with a breathtaking mountain backdrop and superb views over the surrounding unspoiled natural beauty FAST FACTS ARMENIA! Est. 2492 BC - one of the oldest inhabited lands in the world Population - 3,000,000 in Armenia + est. 7,000,000 diaspora Capital - Yerevan - Ultra chic pedestrian friendly modern city Language - Armenian, English is the second language for most under 40's Climate - Continental, plenty of snow up high for skiing, perfectly sunny most of the year below Currency - DRAM - £1 is over 700 Dram! Phenomenal value and ultra low costs for expats! INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Armenia gets on swimmingly well and is courted by all the world's superpowers, eyeing up her vast gold reserves! The main exception is Turkey, but then again most of Turkey's neighbours dont like Turkey either. Bulgaria and Greece being two prime neighbouring examples! EU? No, thankyou! Armenia exceeds entry requirements beyond some countries already in the EU! However Armenia favours friendly trade relations over membership. True independence, freedom to run their own affairs and national identity come first here. No EU is better for you many will say, including mega favourable taxes and privacy impossible to find in most of Europe. You can enter without a visa, long term residency is simple for those who wish to move full time! Assuming you're a nice person, you can even take citizenship surprisingly easily, after some time you can get a cool second passport! THE LOWEST LIVING COSTS EVER FOR YOUR WESTERN LIFESTYLE! Absolute bargain every day prices await in a truly European / Western culture! Live just as you do at home for a micro fraction of the price, sometimes thirty times cheaper than in UK! ELECTRICITY: Average electric bill for the property, under £2 per month! Yes, under two pounds for the whole month! Drive? PETROL: 71p DIESEL: 69P LPG: 29p Cars are also imported with the tiniest duty, bring yours over or pick up a freshly imported bargain! Dine Out - Good restaurant - around £2.60 per head, 3 course & drinks! Even the tightest scrooge can splash out here, tips are never expected above 20p! Drink? Beer & wine are too cheap to mention (pennies, less than pennies sometimes!). A bottle of top quality Vodka or Cognac costs under £3 and there's cheaper still for the brave! Council tax? Unfortunately so... be prepared to shell out £3.50 a year! Banking - very liberal easy to open accounts, ten minutes and your passport are the requirements! HSBC is here, Procredit and ArmSwissBank are another two good choices. Interest rates on savings are up to 12%! Become a property pioneer today, among the first in a developing frontier market!